Review of a classical guitar by DK Classical Guitars UK:

Jaroslav Mach guitars have all the qualities we would expect in a concert guitar.
It is very easy to utilise the colours and dynamics and there is plenty of volume.

David Kinnear, proprietor of DK Classical Guitars.

You can hear a sound sample of a 2016 Classical concert guitar here.


Review of a classical concert guitar by Charis Guitar Japan

A Mach Concert guitar has a good balance with a strong and loud volume.

A concert guitar with a bright, lively and clear sound.

Kenji Takaya – Proprietor of Charis Guitar


Review of a classical guitar by The Fellowship Of Accoustics:

Jaroslav Mach’s guitars are exquisitely built from the very best materials, resulting in powerful sounding instruments.

The first impression when playing a Mach guitar is that it has a big and bold round and loud tone, rich and deep. The basses are strong with that certain persisting depth and clarity only heard in the very best guitars.
A colourful scheme of tones with the typical clarity, depth and volume only heard in the best Spanish guitars.
A Mach guitar offers a wide range of tone colour variations with impressive power and projection and great substance.
These guitars are an outstanding value, and live up to their wonderful looks and use of materials.

You can hear a short sound sample of a Classical concert guitar here.

Review of Jaroslav Mach’s Modern OM, Meistergitarre Steelstring by The Fellowship Of Accoustics:
You can hear a short sound sample of the Modern OM at this link

Mach’s guitars are offering the utmost highest quality at a very competitive Price.
Competitive because his guitars easily stand the test against big names like Ryan, Olson, Sergei de Jonge, Froggy Bottom and for instance Goodall guitars.

This guitar is the first ever steel string we received from this masterbuilder and it has made a lasting impression on us. The tonal quality reminds us of Sergei de Jonge guitars. Typical a versatile guitar with impressive fingerstyle qualities

It features 35-year aged East Indian Rosewood back and sides, nicely grained and topped of with a nicely aged Sitka spruce top. The inside of the guitar has been varnished, a feature which is often seen in nylon-stringed instruments but not so often seen in Steel Stringed guitars. Other features include Indian Rosewood bindings with maple purflings, rosewood headstock overlay, beautifully fashioned ebony/abalone/green rosette  and Schaller Davinci tuners.

The true quality of this instrument however is not in it’s impeccable craftsmanship and eye for detail but in it’s truly unique sound, with a great projection, bright and very rich mid and high end and a very balanced articulate low end.

A true masterbuilt instrument.